Nature walks

Hiking the Trails

Today was A Beautiful Day to Go for a Hike. The air was very cold.
The Sun was out and the Day was Very Beautiful. We also went looking 

for mushrooms we did find a lot of mushrooms. but just getting out 
and smelling the Fresh air and the wind blowing threw the trees was 

very relaxing for me. NO noise other then the Forest talking and the
animals moving threw the Forest. and the birds singing in the The 

trees. I hope you enjoy my Blog and here are some links to the Forest to go Hiking. If you need a good camera to take some nature 

picture here a link get you a new camera the same one I have. I loved it.
http://Forest Discovery Trail
Nature walks

Something growing on the forest grounds

Wow just look at all these beautiful mushrooms growing. So cool how they where still under the dirt poking there heads out. Like nobody can see me. If you been stuck in your house and need too do something different go to the forest and walk the trails. Or ride your bike on the trails. You wont regret it. The forest is big and when you walk threw the forest you hear birds the wind blowing threw the trees. You see so much. You want too get away from the city and want quite time. Then the forest it is.

Looking at these beautiful mushrooms