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Have you ever had this feeling

Loved Story’s When you don’t know where to turn. You just don’t know what to do. Your heart tells you different. But you say I do want to but there a lot holding you back from being happy. Being happy with the one you loved always. and have not stop loving that person since you […]

Sea Lions Caves

This Video Was Taken At The Oregon Coast. The Sea Lions Are Chilling Out On The Rocks. You Can Tell There Very Loud Talking To Each Other. Saying Moved It This Is My Spot Go Find Another Spot To Lay I Was Here First. I Hope You Like My Video Check Out My Other Blogs. […]

Mary’s Peak

So if you ever herd of Mary’s peak it’s the tallest mountain. When you go up there too see the view omg it’s so beautiful. You can see the town. And at night in the spring time when it’s safe too drive too the top. The stars wow just beautiful. Top opens april 2, so […]


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