The Forest Is My Life:

This Blog is about the forest how the forest helps me with my stressed and how I help myself with relaxing. So when I walk into the forest my hair on my body start to stand up and this rushed goes threw my body. I don’t know how to explain it. I feel like all The bad energy lifting out of me. and all this good feelings rushing into me. The smell of the forest I just love the smell of the fresh air and the smell of pine trees. I loved listening to the wind blow threw the trees the sound is so peaceful. And the water running threw the Forest just the sound of the water is like wow. You put two together and that’s all you need too give you peace and quite. Well I say the birds also make the forest Very peaceful. Just hearing the birds singing away makes me happy. You can never get tired of hearing birds singing if you did I say you don’t like good music. I loved Nature Life and will always loved Nature. One You have the Forest to wonder in. 2 you can find Mushrooms, wild berries. 3 you Hike in the Mountains You Will see Bright green moss growing on the Forest Ground. I loved to Hike in the Forest Because the Pathways are so nice and easy to walked on. well most of them. I’m not going say all of them are easy. There some where you will learn some rock climbing.

Like if You go with a friend who tells you oh I been here before I know where I’m going and you look up and your like Uh there a drop off on my right side. I was thinking we stay on low grounds. not going up hill.

But like I was saying there so many new Gems out in the forest New spots to camp out and enjoy Nature. at night time. look up into the sky and see the stars in the sky. I tell you if you haven’t been in the woods and haven’t seen how bright the stars get at night well your missing out. because the stars are so Bright and Beautiful. If You find a high rock even better where you can lay and just stare at the stars all night. Even better if you have someone with you.

I hope you like this story about me. And how I loved the Nature Life and How I like to explore.


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