Have you ever had this feeling

Loved Story’s When you don’t know where to turn. You just don’t know what to do. Your heart tells you different. But you say I do want to but there a lot holding you back from being happy. Being happy with the one you loved always. and have not stop loving that person since you met that person. don’t tell me you have never felt that burden in your soul. where you have this pressure in your chest where you feel like your going too jump out and scream why me! Why do I have these feelings why! But I know why it’s called loved! and there no way of trying to hide it. You just can’t hide it no more. Just let it go! let your heart just open up to the one you loved. The one you think of before you go to bed. the one you think of when you wake up. The one you think you see at the store. But it’s your head playing games with you. Or your eyes playing imagine games with you. I say loved can killed you. Why because your heart is broken in loved and you will suffer because your not with the one your post to be with. Why be with someone you don’t loved. Why it’s just causes more pain in your heart. Why don’t you just go be with the one your in loved with. but wait dose that person loved you the way you loved that person as you loved them. Do they have the same feelings as you do for them. And how do you know if that person really feels the same way. Yes they act like they care but maybe it’s just them trying to be nice. What a mind can do to us. Can play wicked games on us. But I say too anyone if you have feelings for someone don’t just sit there like I am. Get up and open your arms to who ever you loved and forget about Staying away from the only one that made you happy and the only one who understands you. And the only one you can talk forever with. And they never get tired listening to you because they just loved you as much as you loved them. and your voice is soothing too them. as you are too them. I say loved is worth more then money, Cars. Yes we have all them thing’s but do they give you a warm hug and tell you that they loved you and that your the best thing in there life. I don’t think so unless you got google and your talking too her. she might say she loves you But she a Computer that’s different and the warm hug yes a car is warm but the warm air blowing on you not holding you. and smelling the one you loved. The smelled the one you loved it’s weird but it’s true. Someone body has a smelled that attracts you too them and makes you just want more. Oh yes 100 percent right about that. Lol even when there dirty and not looking so hot from working hard. heck that passes you by because you never see anything wrong with the one you loved. Your eyes are in a trance and everything you see about that person like loved butter fly’s flying around. Never gets old you keep loving them more and more. When they grow older with you. You see them grow older with you. you have children or no Children but you just enjoy everything about that person. So I write this story because you know why. I’m just a ghost with a loved story. here I sit and listen too the rain falling down. and thinking about you always you. there not one day that goes by that I don’t think of you. yes we have not seen each other for awhile and we might have change but the inside are the same as they where when we met. Yes we change on the outside but not in the inside.


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